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How to read or edit other pages?

If you got an account on InTrigger, you should know the authentication info for accessing the rest of this site. Click "log in / create account" link in the upper corner of this page and enter the authentication info. You can see all pages in this wiki once you log in.

Note: You should have received the authentication info (user name and password) in the Email telling your account is ready. It has NOTHING to do with your account name on InTrigger.

Even better, you are encouraged to use your own wiki user. It is particularly recommended if you edit any of the pages. To do this, after you log in as above, click this link. Any user can access and edit any page in this wiki.

Editor's guide

  • Login as your wiki account (see above on how to create your wiki account)
  • To edit side menu, click "Edit Side Bar (Menu)" on the "navigation" box in the menu
  • /var/www/intrigger-ssl/wiki/LocalSettings.php is where you put various configs (e.g., logo, access control)
  • how to access-control with Mediawiki
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